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Electrostatic Filter

Bideli Electrostatic Filter work with coffee roaster to help you filter the exhaust smoke to clean. If you want to roast your coffee at residential area or your local government has a strict policy about  environmental protection, the electrostatic smoke filter is a must. Bideli Electrostatic smoke filters are available for 1-60kg coffee roasters. 1kg and 2kg smoke filters work with coffee roasters as the worktable hold the roaster machines.  3kg or above smoke filters are separately work from roasters.

Working principle

From the view of above schematic diagram, the dirty smoke air may together with the coffee chaff, through the filter system and finally get the clean air out of the pipe. Only leaves parts of coffee aroma smell in your coffee shop or your roastery.

Easy to clean and maintain

When used the filter some times, you just need to open the filter box door and pull out of filter screen to brush away the dust or oil, or wash it to clean. But you need to keep the filter screen dry when you use it back to electrostatic filter machine. No need more works for maintain.

More information
Should you have any questions regarding our Electrostatic Filter Roaster or require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.