Coffee Destoner

Coffee Destoner

The green coffee beans in your shop experienced picked, remove the peel, sunshine or washing processing, there maybe mixed with the impurities, such as : stones, branches, dust etc. When you do large-batch capacity roast, you hardly sort of all the impurities by hands. but you use to roast the finest coffee for your customers and it is important keep the roasted coffee beans clean. So for the big capacity roast, the coffee destoner is a necessary equipment.

How the destoner works?

If a destoner work with coffee roaster, it should connect to cooling tray, once you complete the roasting process and wait for the roasted beans completely cooling down, then release the roasted beans to destoner chute, destoner filters all foreign bodies from the roasted beans by sucking beans up to the silos and leave stones etc on bottom of the chute, finally it gets dust out and only release the pure beans to chute again to finish the destone process. Both coffee roaster and destoner can be combined easily for the best and purest end result.

Bideli Coffee Destoner

The Bideli Coffee Destoners are suitable to destone all different types and sizes of roasted coffee beans and work on single phase electrical supply 220V/50/60 hz. The Destoners are available in three different types:

• Bideli Coffee Destoner BDL-20. Capacity 20 kg

• Bideli Coffee Destoner BDL-40. Capacity 40 kg

• Bideli Coffee Destoner BDL-60. Capacity 60 kg

You can select the suitable capacity destoner work with your coffee roaster, for more information, please write us.

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