Pneumatic Feeding System

Pneumatic Feeding System

For the industrial coffee roaster, loading green beans to the hopper is the huge workload per day, Since the large capacity roaster machine is higher than a person, Hold the 20kg or above green beans over the head and put them into hopper by hand is a very difficult job.  Bideli Provides pneumatic feeding system to help you fix this problem. For Bideli 10kg coffee roaster or above capacity roasters, we can equip the pneumatic feeding device according to your selected model.

How the pneumatic feeding system works?

It is a separated device connects to the coffee roaster hopper directly, if it works with 10kg coffee roaster, the pneumatic feeding system brings 10kg green beans per batch to hopper, it keeps feeding beans to hopper until it finished 10kg. It is very easy to install and operation.

Bideli Pneumatic Feeding System

Pneumatic feeding systems are available for Bideli coffee roaster machine:

• BD-CR-W1010A    10kg Coffee Roaster

• BD-CR-W1020A    20kg Coffee Roaster

• BD-CR-W1040A    40kg Coffee Roaste

• BD-CR-W1060A    60kg Coffee Roaste

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