Bideli 3kg (300g-3500g) Commercial Coffee Roasting Equipment

Color options: Red Silver, Black Silver, Gold Black, Rose Gold black, coffee color.
Other options: Smoke Filter
Certificate: CE, ROHS
Warranty: 1 year


This coffee roasting equipment is a classic model on market for years, it keeps attracting customers because of the large flexible roast capacity and its consistent repeatability. It not only used for 3kg batch roast, but also used for sample roast. 3kg Commercial coffee roasting equipment is heavy built with double-walled drum, high performance burner, precise thermocouples work with real-time temperature controllers, manual damper and cooling tray with mixers.  It is a professional commercial coffee equipment which can evenly roast 300-3500g green beans.

Four motors work independently for every single function, sight glass, sample spoon, gas burner window plus USB data logger work with Artisan software help you monitor your roast in sight. 3kg coffee roaster machine is widely used in Cafes, bakeries, coffee-chains, specialty coffee shops, supermarkets, small coffee roasteries etc.

Certificate: CE, ROHS
Warranty: 1 Year

Double walled Drum, Gentle Roast

Bideli 1kg,2kg,3kg coffee roasters are all made by double walled drum, this is the important feature for consistent gentle roast.  Whatever you are a roastmaster or a newer for coffee roasting, you can easy handle your own roast by simple operation of a double walled drum roaster from tiny to full capacity roast. Double walled drum roaster can eliminate the side effects like inconsistency and burnt marks.

Double insulation layers, High thermal utilization

Bideli series coffee roasters include 3kg coffee roaster machine adopt the double insulation layers to avoid the heat loss. A high heat volume needed while roasting, our roasters can use most of the heat the burner produced to do roast, in this way, our coffee roaster machine can save more fuel for our customers, the heat utilization is greatly improved.

Two- in -one ground legs and casters

For our 3kg commercial coffee roaster, we designed it with the two-in-one ground legs and casters. You can easy move the roaster to anywhere you want by casters, and then balance it well by the ground legs.  So one person can handle the movement easily.

3kg double walled drum roaster options

There are several options for our 3kg professional coffee roaster equipment: 

Type options:  Electric and gas types 
Color options:  Red Silver, Black Silver, Gold Black, Rose Gold black, coffee color.
Other options:  Smoke Filter, Worktable
OEM service is provided.

More information

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