Bideli 6kg (2kg-7kg) Commercial/Industrial Coffee Roaster Equipment

Color options: Red Silver, Black Silver, Gold Black, Rose Gold black, coffee color.
Other options: Smoke Filter
Certificate: CE, ROHS
Warranty: 1 year


Available in gas type only, designed by double-walled drum, double insulation layers , utilize the enough thermal radiation and hot air to deliver the even roast. our 6kg solid drum coffee roasting equipment will provide you with a higher level of efficiency and consistency roasting for many years to come.

Half direct fire and half hot air type coffee roaster, maximum heat utilization, 15-18 minutes can finish the dark roast, manual hot air volume adjustment, powerful cooling fan motor plus cooling mixing to lock the aroma inside the beans by rapid cooling within 2 minutes.

Our 6kg coffee roaster equipped with the safety control system, if temperature goes up to preset value, the machine automatic stop heating and if temperature off 10℃ from preset value, it automatically continue to heat up.

Color Options: Yellow, Black
Certificate: CE, ROHS
Warranty: 1 Year

Heavy built, compact, durable

6kg coffee roaster is heavy built by high-quality materials and very compact structure. Stainless steel cooling tray, hopper, smoke exhaust ,drum and drum housing plus the carbon steel machine body work with high performance electric components  together keep the machine durable enough to withstand 30+ years of use.

Drum options

For our 6kg commercial/industrial coffee  roaster machine, we offer two types of drums for customers selection. One is cast iron drum, one is double-walled stainless steel drum. Two types of drums have their own advantages, one group of our customers like double-walled drum roasters, and another group customers like cast iron drum. We can fit both of their requirements, both of the drums can achieve consistent roast.

Adjustable front bearing

The front bearings of Bideli series coffee roasters are adjustable, You can easy adjust the gap between roasting room door and drum by hand, no need expert offers help. Using Bideli 6kg coffee roaster machine, you don’t need special tools and complicated maintenance skills, everything is too simple.

Easy installation

Once you get the machine, you just need to find a right place , the suitable gas source ( LPG or NG) and a smoke exhaust hole on the wall. Machine is almost no need to install : just put the hopper on the machine, connect the main unit to chaff collector, and then get the smoke pipes out of the wall, Finally connect your gas source ( LPG or NG) to gas inlet on the machine to start your roast immediately.

More information

Should you have any questions regarding our BIDELI Coffee Roaster or require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.