20kg Industrial Coffee Roaster

Color options: Light Yellow, Black
Other options: Automatic feeding device, destoner, Smoke Filter
Certificate: CE , ROHS
Warranty: 1Year


Bideli commercial/Industrial coffee roasting machines are well built by full precision CNC tooling, reducing to a minimum the chance of human faults or dependency on human craftsmanship capabilities during the process. This ensures accuracy and consistency in the production batches. For a large-batch roasting,  Bideli 20kg coffee roaster equipment, there are several coffee auxiliary equipments for options:  automatic feeding device, destoner, smoke filter etc. Our Skilled engineer team can provide the complete coffee solutions to your business.


Gas (Natural or Propane or LPG)    

1. Quality controlled burner for flame, Fuel Economy.

2. Self ignition with adjustable heat controls.

3. Programmable Temperature preset with alarm feature &
    manual controls

4. Sampler spoon & sight window to monitor roast

5. Four high quality motors to drive drum, exhaust, cooling
    tray and cooling mixer.

6. Continuous all day roasting of 20kg to 22kg per Roast

7. High Quality Stainless steel cooling tray with bin agitator

8. Complete control of air flow to maximize coffee taste

9. Drum Material: Cast Iron

10. Double-layer insulation

11.Auxiliary Lamp

12.Chaff collector and Exhaust Pipe are included.

13.Color options: Light Yellow, Black

14.Coffee Auxiliary equipments options:  Automatic feeding
    device, destoner, Smoke Filter

15.USB Data logging (option)

16.Certificate: CE , ROHS

17.Warranty time: 1Year

Technical Data:

Model No.BD-CR-W1020A
Roaster TypeHalf direct fire and half hot air roasting
Batch Capacity20kg -22 kg /Per Drum
Roasts per hour3-4
Roast time15-20 minutes
Capacity per Hour60-80kg/Hour
Heating:Natural Gas/Propane/LPG
Electrical PowerSingle phase 220V/ 50 or 60Hz or 3 Phase 380V
Cooling Time1-2 minutes
Temperature Range0-400℃
Machines Dimensions(L)350*(W)140*(H)215 cm
Machine Weight1100kg

More information

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