60kg Cast Iron Drum Industrial Coffee Roaster

Color options: Light Yellow, Black
Other options: Smoke filter
Certificate: 1 year
Warranty: PCE, RoHs



● Automatic feeding device

● Destoner

● Smoke filter

● USB Data logger

● Colors: Light Yellow, Black


Certificate: CE, ROHS

Warranty: 1 Year


1.Semi-hot blast and half direct fire

Adopt heat radiation work with hot air roasting that make the coffee beans fully endothermic. At the same time it can exhaust the smoke and chaff to clean the roasted coffee beans which will have a rich and pure flavors.

2. The insulated double- layer design improves the heat utilization to maximum. 

We use the special insulation materials to keep the heat inside of drum, that greatly improved the heat utilization to maximum. And the heating efficiency will not be affected by environment temperature.

3. Cooling motor 

Powerful and high temperature resistance cooling motor ensure the rapid cooling within 1-2 minutes to lock the flavor and aroma inside the roasted coffee beans.

4. Equipped with safety control system 

If the temperature reaches the preset temperature, the igniter system automatically closed the burner, if the temperature dropped below preset temperature, the igniter system automatically start up the burner which keeps the constant temperature inside the drum. Also if you don’t open the smoke exhaust motor, the burner can not be flamed on. During the procedure of smoke exhausting, if smoke motor stops, the gas burner automatically shut off.

5. Adjustable front bearing 

The gap between the roasting room door and drum can be adjusted by hand.

Technical Data:

Model No.BD-CR-W1060A
Roaster TypeHalf direct fire and half hot air roasting
Batch Capacity60 kg /Per Drum
Roast time20-25 minutes
Capacity per Hour144-180kg/Hour
Heating:Natural Gas/Propane/LPG
Electrical PowerSingle phase 220V/ 50 or 60Hz or 3 Phase 380V
Cooling Time1-2 minutes
Temperature Range0-400℃
Machine Dimensions(L)520*(W)320*(H)385 cm
Machine Weight3000kg

More information

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